Quinditech was a big player in this year's event!
Each year, the Cooperathon gathers thousands of people in a 25 days program for launching innovative startups with strong impact.  More than 2000 people were in attendance for the 2018's kick off night, on September 26th. The event was headlined by Canadian machine learning royalty Yoshua Bengio and PIXAR’s Matthew Luhn.

A dozen startups had a chance to pitch their ideas at Mtlnewtech’s demo night. The event also featured  “social mixology”, meant  to connect entrepreneurs, designers, developers, citizens, companies and organizations to spark ambitious entrepreneurial projects.

QuindiTech took part in the Impact Startup Pitches with other excellent startups and won the top seven to have access to the Impact Startup track of Coopérathon 2018.

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