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No more need to wait for a long time. Let QSkin's AI power help you do skin disease early detection.


Easy to use

All you need to do is taking a photo and uploading it to our AI system. Then you will get the result in 3 seconds.


High accuracy

QSkin now can recognize 26 prevalent clinical skin diseases with an accuracy greater than 90%.


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Do a free checkup of your skin now, offer ends soon!


 "Le même diagnostic m'a coûté 200$ en frais médicaux!"

Anonymous user, Montreal (QC)
Mon mari et moi avons telechargé QSkin par curiosité. l'application est vraiment facile à utiliser, et la navigation en est très intuitive! Le résultat est également correct, vu que j'ai confirmé que le bouton que j'ai sur la main n'est qu'un simple grain de beauté. C'est dommage que je ne l'ai pas su plus tôt, le même diagnostique m'a coûté 200$ en frais médicaux l'année passée.

 "I have spent a lot of time waiting  to see dermatologists."

Jason, 27 from Montreal (QC)
My family has a history of melanoma , so I’m always careful and often check my skin at clinics.  I have spent a plenty of time wait in line to see dermatologists.
Last year, I was diagnosed with melanoma, fortunately I was in early stage, so we just removed it.
I have to keep an eye on my condition to avoid another cancer, and QSkin is perfect to help me do regular, live checkups without the wait, or the cost.

 "The best prevention for melanoma is early detection."

Amy, 36 from Toronto (ON)
I use QSkin to check my situation everyday.I have many moles on my body and always needs to watch them closely for changes.  As mother, I need to take care of myself for the sake of my daughter. The best prevention  is early detection and I'm grateful to be able to use this tool for it.

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