TechAide 2018

The team spearheaded this year's edition of the AI Conference. 

The AI Conference of TechAide was held April 17 at the Rialto Theater in Montreal. The attendance was over 500 people. Google's Hugo Larochelle  brought together 11 researchers in the field of AI, including  Yoshua Bengio (Element AI), Doina Precup (DeepMind) and Pascal Vincent (Facebook) to lead the exchange. The main topic on schedule: the development of Artificial Intelligence. 

Following an introduction by Jeffrey Dean, leader of Google Brain, each panellist presented their latest research.

As an AI-driven company who is always concerned with the progress of technology, QuindiTech spearheaded this year's edition of the AI Conference.  Montreal has gradually  become one of  the poles of technological innovation, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence.

As a result, the startup community here presents a greatly favourable environment for any newcomer to flourish and attract investors.

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